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01.02.2019 - 22.02.2019
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Babies use their hands to communicate before they speak. They can point and wave, so why not add to their vocabulary? Using sign language can help your baby communicate their needs even before they can speak. For toddlers it can help ease some of those tantrums that come from not being able to express their needs. Learn a new way to communicate with your child and have fun while doing it! Learn over 70 signs in one semester.

Signing Time was developed by Rachel Coleman in 2006. She found out that her own young daughter Leah was deaf and not only learned American Sign Language (ASL) herself, but taught Leah’s classmates and family so they could communicate with her. That turned into videos and songs to help children and their parents learn to communicate.

Baby Signing Time! Classes are meant to be a fun way for parents to connect with their babies and meet other parents in the area. We will read stories and sing songs that will help us learn some signs. These basic signs can be used with your children at home to encourage communication. Classes are offered in two locations as well as morning and afternoon options to accommodate your schedule.